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MAP   NOTICE: Owl Labs and Starin will fully enforce the MAP Price of $799.00. Further, MeetingOwl (MTW100) may not be advertised or sold by any dealer without written approval on any third party marketplace, such as Amazon, Walmart.com, Sears.com Etc. This is to ensure a fair market and margin retention for the reseller base at whole. Any failure to abide by these rules may result the immediate withdrawl of access to the Owl Labs products.
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Intelligent 360°All-in-One Video Conferencing Hardware The Meeting Owl is a USB device that works with all major web-based video conferencing platforms. You don't have to download or install a thing. Just plug it in to your in-room computer or laptop and you're good to go. Includes Power Supply and Micro USB Cable.
Item Pricing:
List $799.00
Shipping Weight 6.00 lbs
Master Carton: 1
Shipping Dimensions 17.0"W x 15.0"H x 19.0"D
MFG UPC Code 868222000402
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