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Model Description Pricing
Owl Care 3 year Support. Qty 1 per MeetingOwl for 3 years warranty with no questions asked advanced replacement. Includes unlimited user adoption support and training (virtual) as well as unlimited remote technical assistance. Must be ordered within 30 days of MeetingOwl hardware purchase for hardware to be covered.
List: $149.00
Protect your Owls from flying away! This adapter attaches to the bottom of the Owl, adding a Standard Kensington T-Bar lock slot. Also help keep the cables organized!
List: $49.00
Model Name #Meeting Owl
Intelligent 360°All-in-One Video Conferencing Hardware The Meeting Owl is a USB device that works with all major web-based video conferencing platforms. You don't have to download or install a thing. Just plug it in to your in-room computer or laptop and you're good to go. Includes Power Supply and Micro USB Cable.
List: $799.00
Cables & Connectors - Standard/Assembly - Control USB
Model Description Pricing
USB Active Extender Cable - 15'
List: $25.00
USB Active Extender Cable - 25'
List: $30.00
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